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(Washington, District of Columbia - DC, USA)

The city of Washington is the capital city of the District of Columbia, and is often referred to as Washington DC. With a population exceeding 600,000 inhabitants, Washington DC is most famous for being home to the White House, the official residence of America's President.

Washington Orientation: Layout and Directions

Washington is divided into four main districts, known as Northwest, Northeast, Southeast and Southwest. In the very center of Washington DC you will find Capitol Hill, which is bounded by H Street on the northern side, the Southeast Expressway to the south, Capitol Street North and South on the western side, and 11th Street to the east.

Downtown Washington is the city's busiest and most important district, standing close to Capitol Hill and containing many impressive landmarks, together with endless shopping opportunities, theaters and places to eat. To the north of the White House stands Washington's Foggy Bottom district, a particularly historic part of the city, with the Georgetown district being located nearby.

Slightly east of the White House is the city's lively Penn Quarter, which contains the J. Edgar Hoover FBI building. Dupont Circle is sited to the north and west of the White House and encompasses and diverse selection of cultural attractions and ethnic-style restaurants.

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